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Ross Family Plays Together, Stays Altogether Great

December 6, 2007 - Cairns Media Magazine
Review by Jay Scott Kanes

STANLEY BRIDGE, PEI, Canada – Promises, promises! One of Atlantic Canada’s liveliest bands made a lot of those during its shows last summer.

Anticipating a first CD, four brothers and sisters in the Ross Family Band pushed for advance sales at their popular ceilidhs each Monday and Wednesday at the Stanley Bridge WI Hall.

At every show (I attended more than one), keyboard player Jonathan Ross, the senior band member, told the audiences: "In return for an advance payment, we’ll give you our Ross Family handshake and a solemn promise that the CD will be mailed to you the moment it’s available."

My calendar pages turned: July became August, then September, next October, and still no CD. Evidently, finishing such a project and getting it out to the public can take longer than planned.

But those Ross Family handshakes proved golden. Finally, a large envelope filled my mailbox. A glance at the return address quickened my pulse. "The Ross Family", it said.

Like a child on Christmas Day, I grabbed and ripped at the exterior paper, eager for the contents. I knew they’d be great."

Enjoying a great ceilidh in "the hub of the universe"

August 29, 2008 - The Guardian

Review by Todd MacLean

STANLEY BRIDGE, PEI, Canada – I was treated to one of the best ceilidhs this Island has to offer this past Monday evening.

Held every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., this ceilidh has been a mainstay at the Stanley Bridge Women's Institute Hall for several years now. Regularly attracting crowds of over 150-175, often with standing-room-only, it is easy to see why The Ross Family Ceilidh has quickly become an upstanding tradition. And quite the family this is.

It's almost as if God said, "Hmm. Let's see what happens if I make Johnny an unbelievable blues/honky-tonk/jazz/rock piano player; Danielle a great vocalist, dancer and fiddle player of incredible precision; Stephanie this quirky gem of a guitarist, dancer and singer; Alex an excellent drummer and tremendous step-dancer; and, of course, have them combine the act with their mother, who is a champion step dancer. Alright! Now this will be a sweet family show to watch from heaven."

Of course, God's eyes would rightfully be on Stanley Bridge anyway, as it is (as Johnny informed us Lucy Maud used to call it), "The Hub of the Universe."

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